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There are so many options open for the users about audio editors that finding the correct option becomes very difficult. Audacity is at the top of the list and also well known as the best option for audio editor. It is excellent in clear interface, features and it supports floating-point audio up to 32 bites. It is full of in rich features and is flexible. Audacity download helps to keep the toolbar and the workspace, disciplined and orderly. This is done by demoting various functions such as the effects, editing things, management of the products: to get a handy and convenient drop-down menus.

Many of the uncompressed audio standards like AIFF and also WAV with addition to the normal OGG and the MP3 files are seen in the application. Basic effects like Delay, compressions and reverb are also added in it. Abet Analyzer is one more exciting and attention seeking feature of Audacity download. Users have been downloading Audacity and its extensions thanks to the help of torrent files. It’s actually a simple process where you need a suggested torrent client to make use of torrents and magnet links. Magnet links is another topic from torrenting that one should read about from the torrent client website.

Although, Audacity does not show any new and latest features, the fare set and the usability and accessibility makes it different of all others. Live recording, Conversion of old records and tapes to the digital format, cut copy paste and splice of files are some things which are possible, using Audacity. Regular update of the version is done for the users. It becomes more exciting as we can undo as many steps as we want, as nothing is spoilt if you make any mistake. This program gives you maximum flexibility as you can use up to 16 channels at the same time.

The only name which comes into mind while audio editing is Audacity. It is extremely useful application, even for live recording and also editing of audio files.

Audacity Download Short Review

Pros of Audacity free download:
• Many formats are supported by it.
• Many new special effects are added to the application.
• It is very easy and feasible to learn.
• One can undo the mistakes and preview the effects added to the file.
• Audacity free download can be used without any costings

Cons of Audacity:
• The only con of it is that it does not have an attractive interface design.

Audacity Free Software:
It is free software which is developed by a troupe of volunteers and is distributed under the General Public License (GPL).

Free software gives you freedom to use Audacity, to know about it, to learn it and also to experiment with it, in all ways possible.
It is also called as the open source software as its source code is accessible to all users who want to study about it or use it.

Any user can contribute to Audacity by translations, giving user support, documentation using beta and by testing their latest codes.


Following are few Audacity features. With the help of these features, one can prepare many files with different effects.

1. Recording:
Just through a microphone or mixer, audacity records the file live. Digitized recordings from cassette tapes or mini discs are also used to live record files. Moreover, streaming audio catches live recording using some sound cards.
• Use of microphones, line input and other sources are used to record.
• Creation of multiple tracks by dubbing on the existing file is done.
• Recording of 16 channels at once is possible.
• Monitoring of volume meters during and after recording is possible.

2. Import and Export of audio files:
The user can import the audio files, then edit the sound track combine them with other files, create a brand new recording and then export it in common file formats.
• Transactions of WAV, AIFF, AU files are done using Audacity download.
• Creation of WAV and AIFF files suitable for burning to CD are worked up on.
• Import and export of files in all formats takes place.
• With use of the “import Raw” command the audio files are opened.

3. Effects:
There are attractive effects of Audacity download which are eye-catching for the users.
• Changing of the pitch of the sound track and then altering the tempo is done
• Removal of the background music like hump and hiss
• Alteration of the frequencies with equalization and Bass Boost Effect, FTT Filter
• Adjustment of volumes in the sound tracks using compressors, amplifiers and normalized effects of the application
• Other inbuilt effects which are equally important:
a. Control of echo in the track.
b. Phase control.
c. Reverse effect.

4. Sound Quality of the sound track:
The sound quality of the sound track is very high and is maintained throughout.
• Recording of 16-bit files, 24-bit files and 32-bit files.
• Recoding of sound tracks up to 96 kHz is possible in Audacity download.
• With the use of high quality, dithering formats of the files are converted into the suitable formats.
• Mixing of tracks with different formats is easily done with Audacity, in real time.

5. Plug-in Effect:
• LADSPA plug-in are used to add new effects to the audio files.
• It also includes some of the basic and sample plug-ins.
• With the use of new built in programming languages, the new effects are given to the files.

6. Analysis:
A proper analysis is done to the audio files which are edited using the Audacity download.

Languages that support Audacity download:
Most of the audio editing applications only give service in English language. But, Audacity download gives service to the users in many different languages such as Japanese, French, Dutch, Arabic, Polish, Turkish, Russian, Irish, Danish, Greek, Chinese, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Bulgarian etc. A partial use of Bengali Files is also added in the audacity download software.
Moreover, a tutorial is provided by the Audacity free download for few languages which is very useful to the users.

• Cut and copy from a given sample sound track and mix it in the new tracks.
• Change in the speed of the audio track.
• Use of keyboard for the editing of the files is available.
• Editing of the unwanted background music and adding some different music in the background is done easily using Audacity download.

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Therefore, there are many uses of Audacity for a perfect and high quality of audio editing and making attractive sound tracks.