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General Info About Audio Editing

TweetA Little History Today, a lot of audio modifying is done electronically making use of specialized software program. Making use of magnetic tape for recording and modifying audio was the standing quo up until the mid 1990s when computer systems and electronic software applications changed the audio modifying procedure. The modifying procedure was sluggish, laborious, and in some cases...

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Common Audio Formats

TweetThere are three different types of audio formats: Uncompressed, lossy compression and lossless compression. The first one, Uncompressed formats are the famously known Pulse Code Modulation Formats. This format does not use any form of compression, hence, the name. This in turn means that we get the complete audio file, completely unchanged, on the expense of a large storage size. A good...

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Analog vs Digital Recordings

TweetEverybody have seen the gramophones, and how there is a small needle scratching the smallest surface of the records, and as a result sounds are produced. One can ask, what is the needle scratching on the record? That is the analog wave, the sound waves that erupt from our mouths when we speak or make an audible sound. These analog waves are hard to interpret when seen via an oscilloscope or...

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