Download Audacity

Audacity is one of the emerging audio editing software. It is being preferred by many audio editors because of its performance, its support for all the formats and the fact that it is available for everyone for free. Even better is that the audacity team is constantly trying to improve the software and new versions are released every now and then. The best part about Audacity is that it provides you access to important functions of the software with a single click. There are customizable buttons on the general toolbar, which is known by Transport Toolbar. This Toolbar contains necessary buttons for playback and recording with few more buttons such as zooming, write text, multi-tool mode, etc. This comes in very handy when you need to perform simple tasks on your track, such as marking, selecting some part of the file and zooming in and out. These functions or tools are also accessible by some shortcut keys which save time.

On the transport bar, there is a * button, which is used to summon the Multi-tool mode. One can also press the F6 button, which is a shortcut key for the Mode. Once the * button is pressed, five tools appear by it. These tools are selected by pointing the cursor, using the mouse, on one of the button. The selected tool is highlighted informing the user that the software is ready to perform the highlighted function. There are some shortcut keys also available for these five tools for ease of the user.

The Five Tools

First of the five tools is the Selection Tools. This is represented by the icon with ā€˜Iā€™ sign, present on the top left corner of the Multi-tool mode bar. When selected, the ā€˜Iā€™ sign appear on the wave plot of the track. The user has to click to mark the initial point of the selection and drag the mouse, without releasing the left click, to the final point. There is no difference whether you click from left to right or vice versa. Then the user can work upon the selected region as required. Next is the Envelope tool, which looks like a waveform icon right of the selection tool. It is also a type of selection, but it is done either from the boundary of the wave or from the center. Click and drag mechanism is also used here. With the Envelope tool, one creates control points that either sites on the boundary of the waveform or converge to the wave itself.

Next is the Draw Tool, represented by a pencil. It is used to select and mark various sampling point after zooming into the waveform. The Zoom Tool is represented by a magnifying glass on the toolbar. Once selected, the magnifying glass will appear with a plus sign. The waveform zooms in twice its previous size on every click. User can zoom out with a simple right click. The last of the tools is the Time Shift, which is used to move a clip horizontally. The time on horizontal axis could be moved either way. One can shift the entire track using this tool as well.