Download Audacity


Audacity is audio editing software, which is available for free to users. The software is available on multiple platforms and has a huge number of impressive features. This software was created by a group of experts voluntarily and has made it available to everyone for free using the General Public Licensing. Some features of the software are discussed here according to the functions it could perform.

Recording Features

The software is able to record directly through microphone as well as mixer. It can also record from recording cassettes or minidiscs. Audio streaming can also be recorded if you have the appropriate sound card. Line input or USB based devices, such as cameras can also be used for recording audio. There is a toolbar especially available for I/O devices and user can easily manage them from there. The software is suitable for people who like to create music as one can create multi-track audio by dubbing over audio file. Users can record audio at a sampling rate of their own choice going as high as 192,000 Hz, depending on your hardware. One can also record on multiple channels simultaneously. Volume levels could be monitored as well.

Dealing with Audio Files

One has the option to retrieve audio files and edit the audio on them. One has the option of combining with other audio files or creates new ones. Once completed, the user has the option of exporting the files in WAV, AU, AIFF extensions. Some other less commonly known file types such as Ogg Vorbis is also supported. One can use the ‘On-Demand’ method of importing the files, so that the user can start working with the file right away. The software allows importing of the files such as MPEG and MP3 with Libmad. One can also import raw files that could one cannot hear directly as well.

Improving the Sound Quality

The software could support samples in 16, 24 and 32 bits. There are options of converting the files available in the software, where the method of dithering is used along with some high-quality re-sampling. The software is created with keeping in mind that there could be audio files that might have different formats, which is why the software is designed to automatically convert them to a single format or a sampling rate, saving a lot of time for user.

Editing the Audio

The software is quite simple and advanced at the same time. This means that people using any audio editing software for the very first time can work as easily as any advanced user. There is no limit to the number of Undo you can do, which means you can revert back to the original file if you have a change of heart after a few hours. The editing platform can handle a number of tracks at a time. A sync-lock feature is available to keep the synchronization of the tracks throughout the file. A feature is available to vary the volume within the track is also available. The software could recover with all the files if the system crashes unexpectedly. The software has tools that could remove unwanted noise from the background as well. Volume, Bass Boost and filters are also available to create effects.